Sweet Moments

Audrey and Cliff. These two were straight out of a movie with their love. This October wedding at Honey Bee will always be one we tell future couples about.

Audrey was stunning as she started her walk down the aisle, however she didn’t make it very far because her groom got his first sight of her and he immediately jogged over to his bride where they embraced in a hug that was full of love and emotion.

They stood there together for a few movements while everyone in attendance dried their eyes, and then they both walked up to the ceremony together, hand in hand. It was was the sweetest thing we have seen in the 6 years of hosting weddings. The love that radiated from this couple was inspiring.


Audrey and Cliff also planned their wedding in TWO months. Yes, you read that correctly. I tell couples this and they are always amazed. The details came together so perfectly you would have thought they had planned this wedding for over a year. Deep blues, burgundy, and pale pinks adorned the tables, and decorated the dessert display.

They stole sweet moments together all afternoon, making everyone swoon every-time.


We are so happy they chose Honey Bee to be a part of their epic love story.


Samantha Jane Photography

Starboard & Woody’s Catering

Bayshore Bar Service

Noblewood Florist


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February 14, 2023



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