preferred Caterers 

Food and beverage will be the largest investment for your wedding day, so you can bet we want this aspect to go really well. These caterers have all been to our venues multiple times and have always put our clients first, so we love working with them! You are able to use a different caterer off of this list, as long as they have a business license and insurance.  

We are the first wedding venue in Delaware to earn our Bottle Club Liquor License!!  What does that mean for our clients? If you choose a caterer who does not have an Off-Premise Liquor License, you can provide your own alcohol, and hire a bartending service. (Greater Good, Retro Street Kitchen, Mission BBQ).  If you hire a caterer with their Off-Premise Liquor License, they will be providing your alcohol.  (Bethany Blues, SoDel Weddings) .  We know that this can be confusing, so we are here to answer your questions. 

Stephanie Nay

Meg Gardner

Tom Kramer & Dana Ferrari

Ron Culver

Katie Bloom

kathy callahan